Open the Spotlight Connection Manager

Open the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server App. You will find the app on the desktop of the computer where Spotlight Cloud is installed. Double click the desktop icon.

Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server App

Sign in with your Quest account, and then from the Configuration panel, click Connections.

Configure Connections

This opens the Spotlight Connection Manager

Locate the Spotlight Connection

  1. From the Spotlight Connection Manager, select the connection type.
  2. Locate the connection.

Edit Connection Details

Double click on the connection to edit connection details. The connection details are required. The details are dependent on the connection type.

Click on the connection type for more detail:

Connection Tags

Connection Tags are optional. Connection Tags are a free form organizational tool that may be applied to Spotlight connections. Tag names represent a project, geographic region or other indicator of interest to you and your organization. Multiple tags can be assigned to one connection.