Open the Spotlight Connection Manager

Open the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server App. You will find the app on the desktop of the computer where Spotlight Cloud is installed. Double click the desktop icon.

Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server App

Sign in with your Quest account, and then from the Configuration panel, click Connections.

Configure Connections

This opens the Spotlight Connection Manager

Locate the Spotlight Connection

  1. From the Spotlight Connection Manager, select the connection type.
  2. Locate the connection.

Enable Connection

Right click on the connection and select Enable.

If there is no option to enable the connection then you may currently be monitoring the maximum number of instances according to your Spotlight Cloud subscription. Either increase your Spotlight Cloud subscription (Billing & Subscriptions) or disable another connection of this type and so you can enable this connection. To disable a connection, right click on the connection and select Disable.

To find out if there is a limit to the number of instances you can monitor and what that limit is, see Billing & Subscriptions. One connection of each type can be monitored for each monitored instance. So, for example if your Spotlight subscription is set for 5 monitored instances then you can monitor at any one time at most 5 SQL Server connections, 5 operating systems etc.

If your Spotlight Cloud subscription decreases, say from Professional Trial to Basic, then the maximum number of monitored instances also decreases. Say you are monitoring 20 SQL Server connections on a Professional Trial subscription; when the subscription returns to Basic the number of monitored SQL Server connections reduces to 5, Spotlight Cloud will disable the 15 most recently added enabled SQL Server connections. To increase your subscription, see (Billing & Subscriptions).