Requires Spotlight Cloud Professional

Use the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server application

Open the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server application. You will find the application on the desktop of the computer where Spotlight Cloud is installed. Double click on the desktop icon.

Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server application

Sign in with your Quest account.

The configuration panel opens. Click Fragmentation checks.

Fragmentation checks

The configure fragmentation checks dialog opens.

Select template or connection to configure

Select a SQL Server connection from the list of available options. On selecting the connection you can view / modify the configuration. When done you can use the options at the bottom of the screen to apply this same configuration to other SQL Server connections or save the configuration as a template.

Alternatively select one of the Spotlight Cloud configure fragmentation checks templates you have previously saved. On selecting the template you can view / modify / reapply the template configuration. You can delete or rename the template. For more information, see configuration templates.

Override or use the factory settings

Select the Override the factory settings option to modify the settings for the selected template or connection.

When you clear the Override the factory settings option you return the settings for the selected template or connection to the Factory Settings. These are the settings that were shipped with Spotlight Cloud.

Minimum size

Set the minimum size count. Default 10MB = 1280 pages

Minimum usage operations

Set the minimum number of either scan or update operations. Default 5.

Reuse this configuration

Apply configuration to…

Optionally, apply this configuration to other connections. See apply configuration to….

Save to template

Optionally, save this configuration as a template. Where a template has been selected to configure you will also see options to Delete or Rename the template. For more information on templates, see configuration templates.

Close the dialog


Save the fragmentation checks configuration for the selected connection or template.


Discard changes to this screen.