The following alarms are not supported when SQL Server 2017 is hosted on Unix/Linux:

  • Clusters - Failed over
  • Clusters - File Share Witness inaccessible
  • Clusters - Node unavailable
  • Clusters - non-Preferred Node
  • LiteSpeed Backup Failed
  • LiteSpeed Backup Warning
  • Log Shipping - Secondary Job
  • Log Shipping - Secondary Latency
  • Mirroring - State
  • Mirroring - Unrestored Log
  • Mirroring - Unsent Log
  • Mirroring Failedover
  • Monitored Server - SQL Server Host Not Defined
  • Services - DTC Service Status
  • Services - Full Text Search Service
  • Services - Integration Service Status
  • Services - Reporting Service Status
  • Services - SQL Agent Mail Status
  • Services - SQL Mail Status
  • SQL Agent - Alerts
  • SQL Agent - Jobs Failed
  • SQL Agent - Long Running Jobs (Percent)
  • SQL Agent - Long Running Jobs (Time)
  • SQL Agent - Status
  • Tempdb File Location
  • Virtualization alarms

Spotlight overview page for SQL Server connections

On the processes panel, the virtualization component is not supported for SQL Server connections hosted on Unix/Linux.

SQL Server drilldowns

The storage drilldown, disks tab is not supported for SQL Server 2017 connections hosted on Unix/Linux.

Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server application

The Spotlight Discovery Wizard does not discover SQL Server instances hosted on Unix/Linux.

For SQL Server 2017 connections hosted on Unix/Linux, some alarms are not supported (see above). No Actions are taken for alarms that are not supported. For Unix/Linux, there are no equivalent alarm actions for ‘Execute a Powershell script’ and ‘Write the alarm details to a Windows Event log’.

Support bundle

Data from the Unix/Linux operating system is not collected for the Support Bundle.