Requires Spotlight Cloud Professional

How to open the jobs drilldown for a SQL Server connection

  1. Direct your web browser to Sign in with your Quest account.
  2. Ensure the Monitoring tab is to the front.
  3. Select a SQL Server connection type. Select the jobs drilldown.

Open the jobs drilldown for a SQL Server connection type

SQL Server connection types are: SQL Server instance, Azure SQL Managed Instance, Amazon RDS for SQL Server.

SQL agent jobs

The grid lists all SQL Server agent jobs defined for this server. Select a job to show more data.

SQL Server jobs drilldown

Job name

The name of the job.

The colored dot to the left of the job name is an indicator of outstanding alarms related to the job. Green indicates no outstanding alarms. Red indicates at least one high severity outstanding alarm. To investigate these alarms, select the job and then click on the alarms indicator alarms indicator to open the alarms panel for these raised alarms.

Job category

The SQL agent job category assigned to this job.

Last run outcome

The outcome of the last run (success or fail).

Current status

The current status of the job (running or inactive).

Last run time

The date/time on which the job last ran.

Last run finish time

The time the job finished.

Last run duration

How long the last run took (shown as d hh:mm:ss).

Current run duration

How long the current job has been running for. This column displays information only whilst the job is running.

Average run duration

Average duration of all successful runs for this job.

Session ID

The unique session number for the SQL agent job.

Selected SQL agent job

Alarms indicator

An indicator of the number of alarms of each severity outstanding for the selected job. Click on the alarms indicator to open the alarms panel to investigate these alarms further.


The chart and table show how the selected job has executed over time, making it easy to determine when it ran, and when it succeeded or failed.

While a job is executing it takes on the color blue. When the job finishes it takes on the color green (success) or red (failure). Hover your mouse over the chart to identify execution start times and duration.

The table underneath identifies job start time, duration and run status. Select a job from this table to see Properties and Full Message Text.


From the selected SQL agent job panel, click Properties to show the properties tab.

  • Job Name
  • Job ID
  • Job Category
  • Enabled - If the job can be run or not.
  • Last Run Outcome
  • Current Status
  • Retries Attempted - Number of retries attempted when the step was last executed
  • Last Run Time
  • Last Run Finish Time
  • Last Run Duration
  • Average Run Duration
  • Session ID
  • %Change