Use the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server App to manage connections

The Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server App is installed locally. Double click the desktop icon.

Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server App

Sign in with your Quest account, and then from the Configuration panel, click Connections.

Configure Connections

This opens the Spotlight Connection Manager. To enter connection details either double click Add new Connection or double click on the connection with details you want to edit.

Connection Details


Specify the IP address or hostname of the ESX server or VirtualCenter server hosting the Windows server.

If you have a VirtualCenter server then connect to that in preference to the ESX host. That way if the virtual machine migrates from one host to another the VirtualCenter server can still be interrogated for data for the virtual machine.


Specify the authentication for Spotlight Cloud to use to connect to the VMware server.

Select Use Diagnostic Server credentials to use the Windows user configured to run the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server.

Alternatively, fill in the User and Password fields. The user must have at least a read-only role for the ESX server or VirtualCenter server.