How to open the Spotlight overview page for VMware

  1. Direct your web browser to Sign in with your Quest account.
  2. Ensure the Monitoring tab is to the front.
  3. Select a VMware connection to open the Spotlight overview page for that connection.

Open the Spotlight overview page for a VMware connection


The type of VMware server.

Powered on

Indicates the VMware server is switched on.


The version of the VMware server.

Virtual machines


The condition of the virtual machine. Green indicates that no alarms have been raised. Yellow and red indicate that an alarm has been raised.


Name of the virtual machine.


Power state of the virtual machine. For example, powered on, powered off, or suspended.


Name of the physical machine that hosts the virtual machine.


The status of communication between the VMware VirtualCenter and the VMware Tools on the virtual machine.

Color Description
Green Guest operating system is responding normally.
Yellow Intermittent heartbeat. May be due to guest load.
Red No heartbeat. Guest operating system may have stopped responding.
Gray VMware Tools are not installed or are not running.