Open the Billing & Subscriptions page

  1. Direct your web browser to and sign in.
  2. Click on your profile icon (top right screen corner) and select Account Settings.
  3. This opens Your Profile screen. From the left panel, click Billing & Subscriptions.
  4. From the Billing & Subscriptions page confirm your subscription plan is Professional. This help page is specific to cancelling a Spotlight Cloud Professional subscription.
  5. From the Billing & Subscriptions page click the tabled Spotlight Cloud | SQL Server link.

Buy More from the Billing and Subscriptions Page

Turn OFF Auto Renewals

From the Details for Spotlight Cloud Professional page, turn OFF Auto Renewal Auto Renew is ON. Auto Renew is OFF.

Details for Spotlight Cloud Professional

You will continue to enjoy the benefits of Spotlight Cloud Professional until the renewal date. On this date your subscription will revert to Spotlight Cloud Basic. To cancel your Spotlight Cloud Professional subscription before the renewal date, please contact Quest Support. To compare the features of Spotlight Cloud Professional to Spotlight Cloud Basic see pick the plan that is right for you.

How to manage your Spotlight Cloud Connections

Spotlight Cloud Basic monitors fewer connections than Spotlight Cloud Professional. When the Spotlight Cloud Professional subscription is reduced to Spotlight Cloud Basic the number of connections Spotlight Cloud can monitor is also reduced. Say for example you are monitoring 10 connections and the subscription changes to entitle you to monitor only 5 connections then monitoring of the 5 most recently enabled connections will be disabled. To change the selection of enabled / disabled connections see how to Enable / Disable connections. You may choose to disable monitoring of some connections and so other connections can be monitored.

How to contact Support

Contact Support

How to stop uploading data to Spotlight Cloud

See How to stop uploading data to Spotlight Cloud.