All other drilldowns - The count of the number of alarms will be according to the opened alarms by the end of the selected time frame A click on the alarms will open the drawer with the relevant information for those alarms

The outstanding alarms display is of the following format. outstanding alarms

Internal to the alarms display: position, color, number

The four boxes on the alarms display are in order from left to right: High color high severity color red,
Medium color medium severity color orange, Low color low severity color yellow, Information color information severity color blue.

For each color, the number indicates the number of outstanding alarms of this severity.

Location of the alarms display

The display in the top right corner of the page refers to outstanding alarms for the drilldown. There may be a second display as per the screenshot. In the screenshot the entire right panel focuses on the selected database, so the alarms display on the right panel refers to outstanding alarms just for the selected database. All connections

Analysis of alarms

Click on the alarms display to open the alarms panel.