How to open the Alarms panel

Click Open the alarms panel - top right of the Heatmap, Overview page or drilldown page.

Anatomy of the Alarms panel

Alarms can be sorted by time or severity. If many alarms have been raised then use the search feature to search for an alarm and the next and previous links to page through the list of alarms. Click on an alarm for more information.

Alarms panel

Alarm analysis

Select an alarm from the list of alarms. Dependent on the alarm, Spotlight Cloud shows:

  • A description of the alarm.
  • Analysis of data on the Summary tab as a time series chart or table of related data or both.
  • More on why this alarm may happen on the Background tab.
  • Suggestions for what to do next to resolve the alarm on the Suggestions tab.

Click Diagnose to open the most relevant Spotlight drilldown for further analysis of the data. Click Acknowledge to acknowledge the alarm. Click Snooze to snooze the alarm.

More about an alarm

Where a chart is displayed, hover your mouse over the chart to see the chart legend and cartesian co-ordinates. The large orange circle refers to the alarm threshold.

For more on alarms, see also the Alarms page.