Information is displayed in the form of bar charts, time series charts, simple data values and descriptive text.

A drilldown page

How to open a drilldown page

Sign in to to see the Monitoring tab. From the navigation menu top left of the Monitoring screen, select a connection.

Select a connection to display.

When a single connection is selected the initial monitoring page is the Spotlight Overview page.

From the dropdown menu select a drilldown page

Other drilldown pages are available dependent on the type of connection selected. For example, the TempDB Usage drilldown is relevant to SQL Server connections only. Click on the current page type (say Overview). From the menu that opens, select from the available drilldowns.

Drilldown pages specific to the connection type

For more information on the drilldown pages available, refer to the connection type:

Panels and Views

The drilldown is made up of one or more panels. Those panels may be related. On the screenshot, selecting an item in the left panel shows data specific to that item on the right panel.

Sessions panel

Charts and Tables

Learn about Spotlight Cloud charts and tables. Learn how to show a chart legend and data values. Learn how to filter and sort tables. See Charts and Tables

Maximize screen real estate

Panels with a Maximize in the top right corner can be enlarged / reduced to take up more or less screen real estate. Often further analysis is available when the panel is maximized.

Auto Refresh and Historical Data

The top right corner of the drilldown page indicates the current Auto Refresh status and either the time of the last screen refresh or the time period covered by the data displayed on the page. See Auto Refresh and Historical Data.

Outstanding Alarms Display

The outstanding alarms display is of the following format. outstanding alarms Learn more about the Outstanding Alarms Display and how you can use it in your analysis at Outstanding Alarms Display.