Spotlight Cloud Help

Enable/disable connections

Your Spotlight Cloud subscription may limit the number of instances Spotlight Cloud can monitor. Once the limit is reached more connections can be added but those connections are initially disabled. You can increase the number of instances Spotlight Cloud can monitor by increasing your Spotlight Cloud subscription or you can selectively choose the connections for Spotlight Cloud to monitor using the enable/disable functionality.


The connection discovery wizard is used to locate SQL Server instances and Windows Servers in your SQL Server environment to monitor as Spotlight connections.

Connection tags

Tags are a free form organizational tool that may be optionally applied to Spotlight connections. Tag names represent a project, geographic region or other indicator of interest to you and your organization. Multiple tags can be assigned to one connection.

Delete connections

Delete a Spotlight connection to your SQL Server environment. The connection will no longer appear in the list of connections monitored by Spotlight Cloud. All configurations and customizations associated with the connection will be deleted with the connection.