Spotlight Cloud Help

Grant SQL Server instance account permissions

In some environments, it may not be feasible for Spotlight Cloud to connect to the SQL Server instance with an account that is a member of the sysadmin server role. The following instructions are provided for these environments.

SQL Server Deadlocks Page

Drilldown on deadlocks. A deadlock occurs when multiple processes are competing for exclusive access to a resource. This results in a standoff where no process can proceed. To alleviate the deadlock, one of the sessions is selected as a deadlock victim and its current transaction is rolled back. When this occurs, all of the locks held by the victim’s session are released, allowing other previously blocked sessions to continue processing.

SQL Server TempDB usage page

Drilldown on usage of the TempDB system database. TempDB is a temporary workspace for storing temporary tables that hold intermediate results during sorting or query processing. Tempdb is re-created newly from stored configuration each time the SQL Server service starts.