Monitored Server - Hyper-V Alarm Action Failure alarm

Raised when a configured alarm action failed to evaluate.

Monitored Server - Hyper-V Alarm Evaluation Failure alarm

Raised when Spotlight Cloud failed to evaluate a given alarm from a given collection.

Monitored Server - Hyper-V Collection Execution Failure alarm

Raised when a given collection failed to execute against the monitored server.

Monitored Server - Hyper-V Connection Failure alarm

Spotlight Cloud has failed to connect to the Hyper-V server. Check the Hyper-V server address, authentication and availability.

Monitored Server - Hyper-V Planned Outage alarm

Raised during a planned outage of the connection, and cleared upon its completion.

Monitored Server - Hyper-V Secondary Connection Failure alarm

Raised when the Hyper-V service is not responding.

Monitored Server - Hyper-V Unsupported Version alarm

Raised when the version of Hyper-V is not supported by Spotlight Cloud.

Hyper-V CPU Wait Time Per Dispatch alarm

Raised when the average queue time for the virtual machine waiting for CPU to become available exceeds a threshold.

Hyper-V Virtual Machine Heartbeat alarm

Raised when the virtual machine has stopped responding to the hypervisor or is not responding at regular intervals.

Hyper-V Virtual Overhead alarm

Raised on excessive CPU being used by the hypervisor on a virtual machine. This is effectively the housekeeping overhead for a virtual machine.