How do I begin monitoring my SQL Server with Spotlight Cloud? Do I need to install anything?

You will be required to install the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server application on a local computer in your network to monitor SQL Server. The application is used to configure the monitoring of your environment including adding connections to monitor, configuring alarms and alarm actions. The Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server collects performance and monitoring data from monitored connections and uploads that information for analysis and display to the Spotlight Cloud.

Follow the step by step instructions at getting started.

What are the minimum requirements for monitoring SQL Server?

For the minimum requirements to connect to and monitor the various connection types, See

To monitor SQL Server connections, first install the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server application (on-premise or in the cloud) on a Windows Server. See requirements of the Spotlight Cloud host.

How does Spotlight Cloud work in my organization including permissions and inviting others to join?

When you sign up for Spotlight Cloud a Spotlight Cloud organization is created with your Quest account. The concept of an organization allows you and your colleagues to share monitoring data and permissions. All members of an organization

  • Can sign in to the Spotlight Cloud web site to see the same monitoring data.
  • Can sign in to the Spotlight Cloud web site to see and update account settings that are part of the organization, including to invite other users to join the organization, and manage billing and subscriptions.
  • Can sign in to the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server application to configure the monitoring environment.

Use the help documentation for people to invite people to join your organization. When they accept your invitation they will have equal access to the organization’s account settings and share the same monitoring data.

What happens when my current subscription plan expires?

When you first sign up to Spotlight Cloud you are given a free 30 day trial of Spotlight Cloud Professional. At the end of the trial, if no other action is taken, your subscription will downgrade to a Spotlight Cloud Basic subscription.

I am a Spotlight Enterprise user. How can I try out Spotlight Cloud?

  1. Follow the getting started steps. Do not install Spotlight Cloud on the same host as the Spotlight Enterprise Diagnostic Server.
  2. Add connections to Spotlight Cloud. Your Spotlight Enterprise and Spotlight Cloud connections are independently monitored.
  3. On browsing your Quest account settings you will see your organization has a subscription to both Spotlight Enterprise and Spotlight Cloud.
  4. Sign in to to monitor your Spotlight Enterprise and Spotlight Cloud connections.

How do I reset my password? What should I expect?

If you know your password you can login to change your password. See your profile for instructions.

If you do not know your password:

  1. Open
  2. At the sign in page click Forgot your Quest Password.
  3. Supply your email address and click Send Reset Instructions.
  4. Quest will send you an email with instructions to reset your Quest account.
  5. Open your email (within 48 hours) and click the password reset link.
  6. A page to Create New Password will open in your web browser. Enter your new password and click Create Password.

What kind of Support am I entitled to if I experience problems?

Click on the Support link from the main menu.