Before you change the alarm configurations you may like to backup the current configurations. You can do this by backing up the \Agent\Conf folder in the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server application installation folder.

Use the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server application

Open the Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server application. You will find the application on the desktop of the computer where Spotlight Cloud is installed. Double click on the desktop icon.

Spotlight Cloud Diagnostic Server application

Sign in with your Quest account.

The configuration panel opens. Click Alarms.


The alarms dialog opens.

Select template or connection to configure

Option Description
Factory settings Select factory settings to show the settings shipped with Spotlight Cloud. These settings can be reapplied. These settings cannot be changed.
Connection Select a Spotlight connection to show/change alarm configurations for that connection. The list of alarms shown on this dialog is now specific to the type of connection selected.
Template Select a template to show / change / reapply a template configuration. Additionally, you can delete or rename a selected template. The templates you have previously saved for Spotlight Cloud alarm configurations are listed.

Select an alarm to configure

The table of alarms is as follows.

Column Description
Name The name of the alarm.
Type The connection type. Each alarm is specific to a connection type.
Modified Yes if the alarm is set to other than the factory settings.

Double click on an alarm to configure the alarm. For more detail on each of the ways an alarm can be configured, see the list of alarm configurations.

Information about each alarm is documented under the connection type.

Reuse this configuration

Apply configuration to…

Optionally, apply this configuration to other connections. See apply configuration to….

Save to template

Optionally, save this configuration to a template. Where a template has been selected to configure you will also see options to Delete or Rename the template. For more information on templates, see configuration templates.

Close the dialog


Save changes to the collections for the selected connection or template.


Discard changes to this screen.