Monitored Server - VMware Alarm Action Failure alarm

Raised when a configured alarm action failed to evaluate.

Monitored Server - VMware Alarm Evaluation Failure alarm

Raised when Spotlight Cloud failed to evaluate a given alarm from a given collection.

Monitored Server - VMware Collection Execution Failure alarm

Raised when a given collection failed to execute against the monitored server.

Monitored Server - VMware Connection Failure alarm

Raised when Spotlight Cloud fails to connect to the VMware server. Check the VMware server address, authentication and availability.

Monitored Server - VMware Planned Outage alarm

Raised during a planned outage of the connection, and cleared upon its completion.

VMware - Memory Repossessed alarm

Raised when VMware experiences memory pressure and it reclaims memory that can be allocated to other virtual machines. This can affect the performance of the virtual machine.

VMware - Virtual Machine Heartbeat alarm

The status of communication between the VMware VirtualCenter and the VMware Tools on the virtual machine.

VMware - Virtual Overhead alarm

Raised when virtualization overhead is greater than a threshold and CPU Usage is 95% or higher. When the alarm is raised this indicates the virtual machine is not receiving all of the CPU time it is entitled to. This is caused by other virtual machines or by VMware itself consuming the available CPU. See your VMware administrator for ways to address this issue.