Download and install Spotlight Cloud Mobile

Click to download for your iPhone and iPad App or Android App.

During installation, you may be given the opportunity to decline to receive push notifications from Spotlight Cloud. See Spotlight Notifications on your mobile device.

Sign in to Spotlight Cloud Mobile

Following installation, sign in to the Spotlight Cloud Mobile app with your Quest account. If you have many Quest accounts then each can be added to Spotlight Cloud Mobile.

Monitoring screens

Screen Icon Description
Heatmap Heatmap The heatmap answers the question: Which monitored connections require the most urgent attention? The heatmap organizes monitored connections based on the comparative number and severity of their alarms. Connections with the most alarms raised against them are given the most surface area.
Alarm list Alarms List the alarms currently raised against a connection or connection view. Tap an alarm for more details.
Spotlight overview page Overview A Spotlight overview page captures the performance of a single monitored connection. Flows and components are updated in real time to highlight obvious bottlenecks and problem areas and color coded to indicate when an alarm is raised.

Other screens/actions

Screen/Action Android iPhone Description
Connections and connection views Connections Android Connections iPhone Access the views of your enterprise: heatmaps, alarm lists and connection views. Create new heatmap or alarm list views.
Sort/Group alarms Sort Android Sort iPhone Sort or group alarms on the alarm list. Sort by date or severity. Group by server, severity or alarm.
Acknowledge alarm Ack Android Ack ios Acknowledge an instance of an alarm. This is applicable to alarms that require acknowledgment.
Snooze Alarm Snooze Android Snooze iPhone Temporarily remove the visual alert associated with an alarm.
Playback Playback Playback Reproduce the Spotlight overview page for a date and time from the recent past.
Settings Settings Android Settings iPhone Configure Spotlight Cloud Mobile.
Profile Profile Android Profile iPhone Show/change the Quest account.
Refresh Refresh Android Refresh iPhone Refresh the screen.


The alarm, connection or connection view is colored according to the most severe current alarm.

Color Severity Description
Normal color Normal No alarms are raised against this connection.
Information color Information At least one information alarm is raised against this connection. No other alarms are raised.
Low color Low At least one low severity alarm is raised against this connection. No high or medium severity alarms are raised.
Medium color Medium At least one medium severity alarm is raised against this connection. No high severity alarms are raised.
High color High At least one high severity alarm is raised against this connection.